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Fashion Film Festival Milano Industry Project

The first Industry Project for the new Master in Fashion Communication & Art Director, in collaboration with Fashion Film Festival Milano, has come to an end.

The objectives of this project concern the development of different skills expressed in the creation of a storyboard, the result of one’s research, and in the creation of a short fashion film that respects it and enhances its narration.

The digital dimension, of video, of film, is becoming increasingly important in the field of Communication and Fashion Communication in particular.
With the contribution of various actors: Constanza Cavalli Etro, who with her Fashion Film Festival Milan, has built an international reality in continuous dialogue with the urgencies of communication in the sector, Sara Sozzani Maino, for years at the center of the debate on new talents expressed from Fashion in various fields and Riccardo Conti, journalist and researcher in perennial balance between the universes of art and fashion, this project intends to support the definition of another thought, of an innovative vision that helps to generate a personal and unpublished narrative.

#balance #togetherness #selfdiscovery #roots #rootedinnature #buyless #buybetter #deeplistening #sustainableliving #ecoawareness #selfawareness #qualitytime #share.


Project by Alessia Tamburrini, Giulia Soldavini, Irene Gorla

Atani in an entity deeply bonded with nature, observes human beings and guides them to change


A project by Marta Nardacchione, Carlina Segni, Chiara Contristano

The title of this project is linked to the students’ perception of fashion: it is present in all things.

“Curiosity guides us to the continuous search for what completes us”



A project by Luca Venturelli, Lucy Cantiello, Federico Goffredo 

A sequence of screen tests where individuals bare their souls thanks to confessions about Pura Lab


Founded and directed by Constanza Cavalli Etro, Fashion Film Festival Milano is an international event. It is not a simple Festival, but rather a platform, a big cultural meeting point, where the Fashion Films from all over the world are presented and shown as testimony of the personality and talent of their authors, both new and established. Different points of view, aesthetic, narrative and stylistic codes are mixed. A constant exchange of several artistic expressions, idioms, voices and experiences coming from all over the world.

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