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Marie Nardi, Master Creative Knitwear Design, wins Feel the Yarn

33 the number of semi-finalists of the 13th edition of FTY‘s competition for young knitwear designers and their creations. Every year, these designers who come from 14 different countries are matched with as many Italian spinners. This year’s theme was Feel the Green: to highlight the importance of sustainability for the textile sector and, above all, an opportunity to gather and showcase the views of young creators on this issue.

Congratulations go to Marie Nardi, alumna of our 1st level Master in Creative Knitwear Design, winner of the first prize that consisted in the creation a mini-collection made with the free collaboration of the Feel the Yarn spinners and some Italian knitwear manufacturers; distribution handled in collaboration with the Chamber of Showrooms of Milan (CSM)!

More congratulations go to her MA colleague Lis Bazan, finalist and for being awarded the second place!

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