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Project Leader: Luigi Mulas
Master in Accessories Design a.y. 2021/2022

Industry Project in collaboration with FENDI _ Katia Luciani, Product Manager Director; Elysa Cipriani, Product Manager & Collection Merchandiser e Melody Carnelut, Woman Accessories Collection Merchandising Intern

Fendi is a brand that makes authenticity understood as an encounter between heritage and innovation, between history and continuous technical and creative research, its signature. Its DNA unravels through the generations that founded it and that lead it into the future. From these premises starts an ideal laboratory that brings together young creatives in research to outline the transformations of FENDI accessories, imagining materials, functions and methods of use, shapes, bringing the deepest codes of the brand into a reality projected into the future. Perhaps a near future, in one or more worlds, the physical one and the metaverse, realities that increasingly dialogue and build a multi-faceted vision.

Our students had to explore different skills, ability to research, explore and rediscover local roots through in-depth research and propose a perception aimed at the future invited to understand the DNA of the Brand to reinterpret it creatively in a context free from restrictions. An important and visionary exercise that allows them to investigate not only an aesthetic but new styles of life, emerging needs and, consequently, new aesthetics to create a new capsule collection of bags and footwear.

The students had the pleasure of visiting the headquarters and archive in Rome, the production centers dedicated to leather goods in Florence and the footwear one in Porto San Giorgio.

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