Who we are

Fashion and Costume can be considered two expressions of the same art. We like to think of them as also part of Human’s Culture and Nature. This is probably why society has always communicated its style through this Art as its meaningful and symbolic character. Custom and costume become the combination of the ever changing world of Fashion and the endless evolution of human life, marking the level of sensitivity of each era and culture.”

Rosana Pistolese
Founder of the Accademia di Costume e di Moda, 1964

“We consider Costume and Fashion two essential pillars of our culture. That’s why we chose to focus on both issues combining them with the surrounding worlds of design, culture, research, tradition, innovation, craftsmanship, product making shaping future professionals geared for the ever demanding industry. Favoured by a one and only opportunity offered by our exceptional location that has hosted us for the last 50 years: Rome.”

Fiamma Lanzara
Chairman of the Accademia di Costume e di Moda dal 1990

The Accademia Costume & Moda offers courses legally recognised by the Italian Ministry of Education, Universitied and Research under the body that rules Artistic Higher Education. Culture, Design and Craftmanship linked to a laboratorial approach are the key points of the School’s educational mission; the objective is to help the students start their careers, supporting them in the process of recognising and consolidating their creative identity.

The Accademia Costume & Moda releases Academic titles equal to Undergraduate Programs (180 credits) and Master’s Degrees Programs (60 credits), and attendance certificates for its Post GraduateIntensive and Summer School Programs.

Culture and Experimentation merged with Design and Craftmanship, are our drive in offering to the Fashion System and to the Entertainment Industry, young designers able to respond to their needs.

In more than 50 years, Accademia has developed many talents in all its fields of reference. We cannot possibly list them all but we can give you a slight taste of some of their most outstanding achievements.

Among our ALUMNI Creatives and Professionals such as Alessandro Michele for GucciAldo Maria Camillo, Sergio Ciucci, Giuseppe De Gennaro, Frida Giannini, Marco Mastroianni.

Others instead, have decided to run an independent career creating their own brands – Maurizio GalanteTommaso Aquilano, Albino D’Amato, Marella Ferrera, Bruno Simeone.

While some have become Head Designers or Line Managers for fashion companies like Valentino, Fendi, Armani, Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Didier Parakian, Alexander Mc Queen.

And to make the list even more complete many are the Senior Designers working for the fashion industry both in Italy and abroad for companies like Max Mara, Givenchy, Dolce e Gabbana etc.

As for the show business/entertainment industry, we are the proud starting point for Academy Award winners like Manlio Rocchetti (“Driving Miss Daisy”) also nominated for the BAFTA Awards for “Gangs of New York“, and top level costume tailors like Francesca Sartori and Gianna Gissi, both winners of several David di Donatello (Italian Oscar Awards), Stefano Canulli(Costume Designer for Cirque du Soleil, Illustrator and close collaborator of Thierry Mugler on various projets) or professionals who have worked for celebrities like Beyoncé and Jennifer Lopez (Vrettos Vrettakos) and many more.

The Accademia is only the starting grid.