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The 2400 volumes belonging to Franca Sozzani, historical director of Vogue Italia, who died in December 2016, were donated to Accademia Costume & Moda (they equally divided with the IED Moda Milano) Enriching the historic Library, Emeroteca & Archive (BEA / SBN IEI) of the academy by adding the “Franca Sozzani Fund” to the assets also being available to the public.

The donation for the benefit of future design and fashion talents, arrives trough the initiative of Sozzani’s son, Francesco Carrozzini, and her niece, Sara Sozzani Maino: these are Italian and international editions ranging from fashion design to jewelry, from history of costume to the visual arts (primarily photography and painting, with the precious monographic editions of the publishing house Charta, but also sculpture, graphic art and cinema, especially from the point of view of her feminine icons); and then architecture and product design to music, literature and history.

Franca Sozzani was for us at the Accademia, an example of  evolution,” said Andrea Lupo Lanzara, Vice President of Accademia Costume & Moda. “I remember when in 2014 she came and visit our headquarters in Rome, a few meters away from Via dei Coronari. I remember the elegance, the enthusiasm, the energy, the curiosity and the generosity towards the students and their projects. Her words truly in line with our vision but also the similar determination to make it happen. The “Franca Sozzani Fund” adds additional value to our Library, which is open to the public and be inga wonderful gift from Francesco and Sara that we infinitely thank that this archive is available to “everyone”, now and forever.

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