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The Master in Accessory Design – Leather goods, shoes, eyewear, is in collaboration with Fendi. The Final Work of this edition is a reinterpretation of the iconic “Baguette”. During the year, students worked on a briefing from the Maison Fendi and later on visited the historical archive, the creative offices and prototype and production labs. As part of the study and work program, students met with Fendi’s professionals to deepen brand awareness with focus on classic creations, the iconic leather and fur processing, the unique design of Made in Italy, stylistic choices and intermediate reviews on the project.

Master students: Aditi Khorana, Emily Bizot, Scylia Chevaux, Flavia Corridors, Simona Cupid, Barbara Daniel, Lucia Gonzalez Roldan, Riccardo Guidi, Kexuan Li, Koki Kaneyama, Giulia Lanza, Valeria Magistro, Corrado Scollo, Elena Teuolde.

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