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Per Filo e per Sogno | Creative Knitwear Design

Pitti Immagine dedicates a special project to Modateca Deanna, exploring what one of the most important and historical knitwear archives in the world represents today. A journey, led by journalist Antonio Mancinelli, together with Deanna Ferretti Veroni, founder of the Miss Deanna knitwear company, through the spaces where, to this day, designers, students from the MA in Creative Knitwear Design of Accademia Costume & Moda, and professionals can find fundamental research, training, and in-depth analysis resources for the creation of new collections.

The greatest designer? Kenzo. The master of proportions? Valentino. For the most important knitwear designers, the Miss Deanna knitwear factory was together a place for meeting, working, and creating. They would gather for lunch around the same table, talking about cinema, current affairs, art. Never about fashion.



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