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Our Master in Alta Moda, Fashion Design students had the opportunity to discover and visit the laboratories of Tessitura Stamperia Luigi Verga, a renowned company in the Made in Italy textile supply chain, thus carrying out the Industry Project in collaboration with the Como-based reality. Under the guidance of Marila Gambini, of Tessitura Stamperia Luigi Verga, and Project Leader and Alumnus Albino D’Amato, our students were able to discover the meticulous craftsmanship and attention to detail that characterize Verga’s works. In addition, by observing each stage of the production process, they gained knowledge of the craftsmanship behind textile production.

A central part of their visit was the company’s archive, an actual treasure trove of weaves, colors and patterns spanning decades of textile history. Here the students engaged in research, drawing on Verga’s rich heritage to enrich their creative developments that they will pursue for their Industry projects in collaboration with the company.

However, this visit was not limited to mere observation, but turned into a collaborative exchange of ideas and innovation. Students took the unique opportunity to engage with Verga professionals, sharing with them their own interpretations of jacquard designs inspired by botanical motifs.

Together, they studied the endless possibilities offered by jacquard weaving. Our heartfelt thanks to Marila Gambini and the entire team at Tessitura Stamperia Luigi Verga for the commitment and time dedicated to our students.

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