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Master in Creative Knitwear Design Graduation Day

On the 12th of February, at our Campus in Rome, the theses of the First Level Academic Master in Creative Knitwear Design were held, marking the conclusion of our students’ educational journey, which lasted a whole year.

In front of the commission composed of Sonia Veroni, Master’s Director, Barbara Trebitsch, Educational Director, Adrien Roberts, International Director of Education, and Edward Buchanan, Lecturer and Project Leader, the 12 students presented their Personal Capsule Collection in knitwear. These creations, born out of intense research, experimentation, and creativity, represent the culmination of a long and passionate educational path.

The names of the students, now ready to enter the world of work with enthusiasm and determination, are: Miriam Bark, Costanza Brunelli, Domitilla Damiani, Manuel Fidalgo Saldago, Cecilia Franchitti, Amanda Franzoni, Mia Skyaeret Hanssen, Marina Mandes, Linda Muffati, Sakshi Oruganti, Rahul Mohan Pura e Francesca Sargenti.

The process of study and research, initiated in the heart of our Roman campus, found a fundamental ally in Modateca Deanna, the center for experimentation and research in Italian knitwear. Founded on the entrepreneurial vision of Deanna Veroni Ferretti and carried forward with passion by her daughter Sonia Veroni, this institution has provided students with a stimulating environment rich in resources to develop their skills to the fullest.

Throughout the year, moreover, the master’s students had the opportunity to showcase their talent and creativity in Industry Projects in collaboration with Antonio Marras, Blumarine, Max Mara Fashion Group, and in the contest promoted by Loro Piana.


But the journey does not end here: the next step awaits our talented graduates. In June, their creations will have the honor of parading at Pitti Immagine Filati as part of the annual CKD Master Fashion Show, a unique opportunity to showcase their works before the discerning eyes of the international fashion industry.


To all of them, we wish the greatest success and a bright and fulfilling career. Good luck!

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