Costume Design Master’s students to sign the costumes for The Sleeping Beauty on stage at Teatro Massimo, Palermo

The classic of the ballet classics, The Sleeping Beauty by Tchaikovsky, relives in a new choreography by Matteo Levaggi, resident choreographer at Teatro Massimo in Palermo for 2017. The Costume Design Master’s students of the Accademia signed the costumes. A unique project in Europe, which allowed the young neo costume designers to move from the education to the labour market.

The costume-making process, developed on a series of meetings between Matteo Levaggi, the Ballet director of Teatro Massimo, Marco Bellone, and the students, represented a very important sign of trust and cultural exchange between one of the major European lyrical institutions and the world of education. Analyzing the structure of the new choreography, the students defined the artistic direction for each costume.

The creative input by Matteo Levaggi, who wanted to overturn the classic criteria of costume for The Sleeping Beauty and imagine the story as a place where time and gender are fluid, allowed the students to put together their cultural differences. As a result, costumes and sketches are inspired both by the northern Europe fairy tales, Asian subcultures and Italian fashion. Once again the Accademia become, for its students, a factory, where ideas melt together and collective work is promoted and supported.

D’Inzillo is the Roman costume shop who created the costumes, allowing the students to work inside the laboratory and coordinate the project standing alongside to the professionals.