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Get it Fair – In Accademia Talks

Emanuela Sabbatini, Cecilia Frajoli Gualdi, Cesare Saccani,. Introduced by Furio Francini


From Millennials to Generation Z, customers pay an increasing attention to sustainability and social responsibility, they request transparency and reliability of product information from brands.
Is Italian fashion ready to strengthen its leadership by focusing on these emerging values?
Get It Fair, a certification scheme on the social responsibility of manufacturers, together with several initiatives to increase awareness of consumers (in Italy) and of workers (production sites) are part of the Italian response.

Emanuela Sabatini: Cavaliere della Repubblica”, President and Co-founder of AFLIN Onlus, an Italian and Indian non-profit organization that deals with the protection of human rights and living and working conditions in India. It implements projects of sensitization, education, training and health, meant especially for women and children. Emanuela worked for 13 years in an American multinational holding as a Senior Analyst, Team Leader and Office Manager .

Cecilia Frajoli Gualdi

I work as a lawyer for the media sector and very recently had a baby. I am interested in fashion and social issues. After seeing the documentary “The True Cost”, I could no longer enter a shop with the same lightness and enthusiasm as before. I became more and more convinced that fashion is a real social issue, I decided that the time had come to do something concrete. Thanks to crowdfunding through Banca Etica and thanks to all the supporters, I created with my partner Fabio, Dress the Change, hoping to make it increasingly easy for consumers to make an informed purchasing decision in the field of fashion.

Cesare Saccani:

ICMQ India Managing Director, President of the Indo Italian Chamber of Commerce and Director of EPD India Program Operator
Graduated in Political and Economic Sciences, 23 years of managerial experience in different industries and entrepreneur. Member of the Italian Association of Independent Directors (NED Community) and founder of Fondazione Etica, he is EFQM (European Foundation for Quality Management) Assessor and Trainer. He is a recognized expert in process and risk management. He has deep knowledge and audit experience in management systems (ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001, EN 26000, SA 8000). Actively committed in the field of Sustainability and CSR, he is coordinating EPDIndia Program Operator and eco product certification schemes for building materials referring to ISO 14020 series of standards (Get It Green).

He is leading Get It Fair, an international scheme to support Responsible Sourcing in Garment and Apparel sector).
Frequently invited as Lecturer and Key Note speaker in international conferences, he is experienced in supporting Government and Authorities in setting rules and framework in the field of quality and sustainability.



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