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Federica Luzzi – In Accademia Talks

Federica Luzzi in Conversation with Barbara Trebitsch

SHELL - guscio/involucro/strato elettronico

“A little girl bent down to observe the acorns, fascinated, at 6-7 years, by that turquoise silk kimono brought by her parents traveling from SoHo, New York; from that table of the house, low, lacquered in black and oriental style on which every object leaned away projected; from that picture that depicted a little balancer on a thread suspended in nothingness, in the circus where the grandfather was working. I also wanted to play the harp, then in my path I met the vertical loom as an instrument and my body as a sounding board. Thus the idea of the shell was born. ”

Born in Rome in 1970. Since her childhood, thanks to her father, journalist and jazz expert, she has the privilege to know the most important exponents, and in 1981, the independent label called Black Shell and produced by his friend Aldo Sinesio for Anthology by Freddie Hubbard then determine in her the ideal combination to her imagination. Since ’99 she let all her works always having the same title, Shell, a polysemic term mainly linked to the shape of the shell, verifying its ambivalence in various contexts. In the 80s, while attending in Rome some artists of the eventualist area, in an exhibition presented at Palazzo Rondanini, she was attracted by the work of Pino Pascali, Tela di Penelope, and decided to explore and recover the textile processes. His main references are Lombardo, Castellani, Bonalumi, Lo Savio and the artists Agnes Martin, Eva Hesse, with an attentive look at the pioneers of international textile art. She went several times to Warsaw, Łódź, Kraków, doing extensive literature research on Polish textile art and then drafting her dissertation on the artist Magdalena Abakanowicz. In the meantime she specializes in experimental techniques of knotting and above all the traditional gobelin tapestry and relief and three-dimensional tapestry using the vertical loom, and follows several teachers directly in their studios in Warsaw, Bucharest, Brussels, Como and Budapest at the Moholy- Nagy University of Art and Design. In 2001 she stayed in the house of Maria Lai in Cardedu, Sardinia, and this encounter will be fundamental.. Invited artist on numerous occasions and international textile fields to represent her Country, she has exhibited in private and public spaces, in Italy and abroad; among the exhibitions we mention the Archivio Arte Contemporanea by Enrico Crispolti, the LADS Gallery in Osaka, Japan and the Brown Grotta Gallery in Wilton, USA. She has worked for 11 years teaching activities in Arazzo (vertical loom) at the San Giacomo School of the City of Rome, and collaborated with the University “Tor Vergata” as a professor of Textile Culture, Fiber Art for the Course in Culture of Fashion .In 2014, on the occasion of the international exhibition “Allers- Retours” at the Musée Jean Lurçat and Contemporary Tapestry in Angers, her artistic research was compared to that of Jagoda Buic. She won the Montrouge Prize as part of the XXIV International Exhibition of Contemporary Textile Art – Miniartextil of Como dedicated to Maria Lai.

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