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On Monday the 7th of May, Accademia Costume & Moda opened its doors to host the 5th edition of “Fabrics Day”. A unique event in Global Fashion Education that allows the students to meet some of the most important Italian textile, embroidery and tannery productions, excellence of Made in Italy and suppliers of major fashion houses.

The consolidation of this direct link between the Accademia and the industry has permitted year to year to achieve better educational objectives enhancing student’s experience, transferring knowledge and competence.

Fabrics Day is a concrete opportunity that these companies have decided to provide to our students, allowing them to understand raw materials and the many diverse processing techniques. A sort of Trade fair, a day of support to future generations with a long term vision, that will evolve in the next months in the development of our students Final Project Collections, 6 outfits that will be showcased next January during AltaRoma Talents 2018, as it happened with our Talents 2017 and previous ones.

All of this was possible thanks to our alumnus, Marco Mastoianni, Head of Fabric Research for Louis Vuitton.

The companies that participated to the “Fabrics Day” are: : Alesilk (Elena Fumagalli, responsabile rapporti con le aziende), Gruppo Dondi, Lorella Dondi, Dyloan, Loreto di Rienzo, Fiscatech (Gabriele Alberti, Sales Manager, Massimiliano Armirotti International Sales Manager), Forza Giovane, Piero Vitalini, Gentili Mosconi, Francesco Gentili (Neera Tana, Creative Director), Graziano Ricami, Graziano Giordani, Isa Seta (Roberta Berman, Milena Cappelletti, Research & Development), Jackytex (Luca Ricci, Commercial Director), Lanificio di Sordevolo, Patrizia and Damiano Perino, Ostinelli Seta (Michela Gottardo, Barbara Roncoroni), Piacenza Cashmere (Roberto Deambrogio, Sales Manager), Ratti (Mario Ratti, Antonella Nicetto), Ricami Laura (Stefano Bonaretti, CEO, Kelly Protino), Lanificio Ricceri, Luigi and Benedetta Ricceri, Russo di Casandrino (Salvatore Marciano, Giuseppe Palmieri), Angelo Vasino(Renato Vasino and Valentina Vasino).

Moreover Stefano Bonaretti of Ricami Lauradonated two full scolarships, one for our MA Degree in Alta Moda and one fo the MA Degree in Creative Knitwear Design. Both 1 Yr MA’s are recognized by the Italian Ministry of Education, 60 credits (ECTS).

Quote Lupo Lanzara – Deputy Chairman:

The manufacturers that participated to our Initiative are the true engine of “Made in Italy”: people who every day enhance true “industrial craftsmanship”, by constantly innovating, developing and implementing. For our students it is a great inspiration to understand who is behind global fashion and accessories collections. These companies are continuously challenged to find solutions so to meet designer’s concepts and new ideas. Responsibility of a Fashion School is not only to preserve craftsmanship and industrial heritage by transferring knowledge and competence, but also to enhance students educational “experience” so to support the Italian Fashion System and guarantee future continuity. We are deeply grateful to the generosity of these companies.

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