Three Year Undergraduate Programs

Accademia Costume & Moda has a long tradition in educating professionals for the Fashion and Entertainment Industries, qualifying itself in the years as a centre of excellence for its didactic method. Founded in 1964, today the Accademia is ranked among the Top Fashion Schools in the world (Business of Fashion Rankings). Its alumni are important Creative Directors, Entrepreneurs, Head and Senior Designers, Product Managers, Editors and Celebrity Stylists for the Fashion System or working as Costume Designers for important productions both at both national and international levels. The placement ratio is above 85% of the total population.


Costume & Fashion
Where: Rome

Fashion Editor, Styling & Communication
Where: Rome, Milan

Fashion Design Management
Where: Milan

Cinema & Filmmaking: Media Design & Multimedia Arts
Where: Rome

The Three Year Undergraduate Programs* are offered to students who are willing to work in the ares of “Fashion, Accessories & Costume Design or “Fashion Editing, Styling & Communication or “Fashion Management” or “Media Design & Arts. All those who have successfully completed a Secondary High School Diploma or equivalent, achieved both nationally and internationally may be admitted to our Undergraduate Programs.

All of the single subjects help the students develop design and technical competences through a cultural, experimental and laboratorial approach. The objective is to facilitate careers placement at the end of the program. Our approach is around the students and objectives are often achieved by supporting her/him in building and consolidating a unique creative identity. Creativity must be continuous, and cultural subjects like history of fashion, of Art, of Cinema and Theatre are the platform on which to foster one’s own inspiration.

Our Career & Placement Office helps the student in finding an internship or job opportunity, and supports the student from the development of his/her portfolio, through the interview process up to the signature of the contract.


  • The I Level Academic Diploma in Costume & Fashion Design (180 ECTS) is in Italian
  • The I Level Academic Diploma in Fashion Editor – Styling & Communication is in Italian
  • The I Level Academic Diploma in Media design & Visual Arts is in Italian
  • The 3 Years Courses in Fashion Design Management is in Italian


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