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Bonaudo is the new partner of the Master in Fashion Sustainability & Industry Evolution, starting in April 2021 on the new ACM Campus in Milan.

Alessandro Ilipandri, CEO, announces the donation of a scholarship, offered by Bonaudo, to support a deserving student who will participate in the master.

“The sensitivity of the CEO of Bonaudo (a leading company in the tannery sector, specialized in the processing of different types of leather – calf, calf, kangaroo, deer, lamb and goat – raw materials of the highest quality that together with craftsmanship and innovative machinery allow to achieve Bonaudo excellence) Alessandro Iliprandi to the issues of sustainability and environmental impact profoundly influenced the construction of the Bonaudo production sites, avant-garde structures, able to respond to the most difficult environmental and social problems, in which the production process and improved working environment. “For this reason, after 20 years my responsibility as an entrepreneur is still that of investing in structures and people – says Alessandro Iliprandi – in order to contribute to the training of professionals with solid know-how in sustainability. This is why we are alongside Accademia Costume & Moda, to support, within the Master of Fashion Sustainability & Industry Evolution, the training of graduates and / or professionals wishing to undertake a training course capable of offering cultural insights and practical experience of the sustainability sector”

The main learning objective of the Master, headed by Federico Brugnoli – MA Scientific Director and CEO of Spin360 – is to design new professional figure aware of responsible innovation processes across the economic, environmental and social fields.

Cultural and design disciplines, business models, the legal area, communication and areas of scientific study in constant evolution will be integrated in the training offer.


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