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Start Date: 24 November 2017 | Duration: 450 Hours | Language: English/Italian | Where: ROME


Romina Toscano

She graduated in Communication Science from “La Sapienza” University in Rome, with a specialization … Read more

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Vocational Course in Fashion Communication: Outline

The Vocational Course in Fashion Communication aims at providing the students with an introductory view on fashion and the fundamental characteristics of the fashion world through a series of preparatory modules on the different work opportunities (such as fashion photography, fashion editing and so on) within the fashion system.

Students will be able to interpret styles, basic and advance aesthetic, expressive and communication codes within the fashion world. This will be possible thanks to the awareness which students will acquire on the different collaborating compartments in defining a product. Following the initial preparatory phase, the student will have the historical, technical and stylistic competences required to fulfil professional and specific roles in the business.

The lecturers will introduce the students to these roles also through workshops and the intervention of outstanding guests from the fashion world, who will share their experiences; we are talking about famous stylists, as well as photographers dealing mainly with fashion photography, professional copywriters and so on. Students will be able to concretely test their competences and obtain an immediate feedback on what they learn in class thanks to workshops, simulations, team projects, business games and exercises (i.e.; styling, photography, copy writing, presentations). In addition, exceptional leaders in the field of fashion communication will talk to students about on job examples and about their outstanding experiences.

Professional Opportunities

After having followed a preparatory phase, the student will have acquired the historical, technical and stylistic competences to face the roles described by the various professors and important professionals through workshops, class lessons, simulations, team-projects, tests and business games (photo shooting, styling, paper work, presentations).

Students will have the opportunity of testing their own competences on real projects with an immediate acknowledgement of their class studies. In a second phase they will follow lectures with famous professionals talking about their personal experiences, through real and outstanding case histories.

To Whom

Undergraduate students and senior year students or professionals with a basic knowledge on the subject that wish to complete their professional training in the fashion communication, fashion styling, fashion photography, marketing, PR and events fields. The course has a limited enrolment. Acceptance is subject to CV with presentation letter with the candidates’ motivations towards the course, personal interview and evaluation of a fashion project (to be brought at the interview).


  • Friday 9am – 6pm
  • Saturday 9am – 6pm


Students will learn what a fashion editor, stylist, production, creative manager, photograph and fashion directors actually do, understanding how to write press releases, reviews, articles, interviews for magazines, newspapers, blogs developing the necessary competences for TV shootings, photo shootings and fashion videos, fashion events, presentations, fashion shows and press days. The students will also prepare final projects summarizing the various competences of the different roles for the fashion communication industry: Styling and Photography:  moodboard, style, editorials) – eg. edition 2012/2013 RUN BILLY RUN; edition 2013/2014: RIGHT NOW (SHÖN MAGAZINE) TRENDS FROM THE BLOCK (VOGUE.IT), Color Curves, edition 2014/2015 EIGHTIES R/EVOLUTION  (VOGUE TALENTS)

– Creative Writing – Fashion Film on set: THE WOMAN I LOVE (edition 2012/2013); THE INNOCENTS (edition 2013/2014) – Events: concept & budgeting – production of a television show

This course is not recognised by the Ministry of Education, Universities and Research, hence it offers at the end the attendance Diploma of the Accademia that is certified by the School’s heritage and track record. That is why the students need to accomplish at least 80% of presence in class in order to obtain the Certificate.


The Accademia together with VOGUE TALENTS offers a full coverage Scholarship for the Vocational Course in Fashion Communication. The winner will be selected by Vogue and the Accademia.

Just an insight on Fashion Photography

Fashion photography is not about being a talented photographer… well, not only. Some may think it’s about the right way to display clothes, some that it deals with managing the models at the moment of taking photos and another that being a fashion photographer means to be imaginative.

Well, Fashion Photography is all of that and much more.

Being a photographer for fashion brands means to have the right point of view regarding the communicative style of the maison, this is to be as creative as possible in respect the iconic guidelines of each client.

To be good in fashion photography means to be creative and able to visually discuss the brand’s main features. To be a great photographer for the fashion industry means instead to have in-depth knowledge of the fashion world, to have excellent communication and networking skills, to be able to interpret and follow a brief in a highly creative way but also to know every single technical aspect of photography.

Add to this that a great fashion photographer must know every single feature of his client and you will understand why you will need to be more than good with a camera to do the job.

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