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Valentino Industry Project

The Industry Project in collaboration with Maison Valentino, within the Educational Program of the Year of the MA Alta Moda, represented a great challenge because it confronts the student with one of the most iconic realities of fashion and, certainly the most important in Italian High Fashion: Valentino. A complex project because it requires exhibiting, in a delicate balance, the ability to propose an identity and innovative vision and at the same time to read and in- terpret the codes of a brand with a unique and unrepeatable history. A real design chal- lenge!

In this project the work involves the history and analysis of Valentino’s DNA today, a Maison that through the contribution of its Creative Director Pierpaolo Piccioli, has managed to impose a contemporary, modern vision projected into the future. A fundamental lesson for a young person who wants to face this design universe. Students are invited to become aware of how the contemporaneity, modernity can permeate the codes of a historic Maison.

This project requires an important conceptual and visual research that can nourish the design process and the definition of a capsule collection of 10 garments that represent a consistent statement with the DNA of Valentino and the concept of Diversity.

The term diversity means paradoxically the opposite, or the acceptance of difference in a perception between equals: equal dignity, equal opportunity, without prejudice, without exception, fighting injustice, because the Equals are Different.
Equality lives in diversity, in which we also find the coexistence of different values; live together despite and thanks to Diversity.

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