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Industry Project: ANATOMY OF COUTURE
Project Leader: Antonio Bandini
Master Alta Moda, Fashion Design a.y. 2021/2022

Industry Project in Collaborazione con VALENTINO Yvan Mispelaere, Design Director Valentino Haute Couture

Valentino brand has been synonymous with Alta Moda since its foundation. Research, innovation and a particular sensitivity towards the zeitgeist, the ability to intercept and interpret society and its transformations, have made it a global iconic brand both historically and in the present. Having the opportunity to connect with this Maison that combines heritage and future, authenticity, and vision, is a unique opportunity. The brief given by Valentino’s Creative Director could not avoid intercepting and interpret this particular moment in time we are experiencing in a positive key, which studies the past to build the future.

The work required deep analysis of the proposed theme and to balance the creative journey nourished by in-depth individual research. The objective was to create a balance between individual research and the identity of the Maison Valentino. The knowledge of the history of fashion, contemporary fashion, art and design and construction skills, the Maison’s analysis of its contemporary, modern, and future-oriented vision, were all fundamental elements for achieving the project’s objectives.

An analysis of the contemporary and the themes that inhabit was necessary to create a collection that meets the needs of a society that is evolving. This is the decade of the “Transformative 20’s” and of an increasingly complex and fragmented demography, the norms of the past have already been overwhelmed by a new and different mentality, in which age, bodies divers from the status quo, all race and genders being the new norm. Exploring concepts of fashion where the body underneath the garments can be discussed, explored from a new perspective, and not necessarily fixing on traditional areas often seen as alluring, defining the new allure.  Students were asked to draw from this so to generate personal research that connected with the world of music, cinema, art and design. Design development required the ability to build one’s own creative identity at the service of the Maison Valentino and its precise aesthetic and philosophical canons. Research was therefore the key to nurturing a multi-faceted and complex but highly rich project.

The students were required to create a workbook, complete with iconographic research aimed at summarizing and presenting the concept of the project. From 10 selected garments / outfits, many sketches and studies, fabric elaborations, moodboard, selection of materials and colour story. From the 40 sketched proposals supported by technical drawings a capsule collection of at least 10 outfits were developed. Finally, a digital presentation illustrating the design process and complete with the final proposals and the prototype or the toiled” look”.

The students presented their individual final projects to Yvan Mispelaere, Design Director Valentino Haute Couture

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