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Project Leader: Antonio Bandini
Master in Alta Moda, Fashion design a.y. 2021/2022

Industry Project in collaboration with Tessitura Stamperia Luigi Verga

Fashion, and even more so Alta Moda, has the power to communicate a precise moment, a sophisticated and perceptible innovation to the connoisseur who starts from the raw material, the thread, and the fabric. The first project of the Master takes place in collaboration with one of the most impacting companies of Made in Italy and Alta Moda industries, a weaving printing mill known throughout the world for the quality of its fabrics:

Luigi Verga Silk Weavers has embraced the Como silk tradition in the textile sector for tens of years embodying craftmanship-like attention to technique, trends and creativity. Clients from all over the world appreciate our work and our textiles. Together with our stylists we help bring ideas to life giving our textiles a vast range of new forms. For three generations we weave, run and export trackable textiles “Made in Italy” with great pride and passion. Luigi Verga Silk Weavers was founded in 1940 by Mr. Luigi Verga as a weavers’ studio, today it is managed by his daughters Adriana and Mariella Verga that have carried forward the tradition of Como’s fine silk textiles with pride making “Made in Italy” famous throughout the world.

Photography is not just a technique but a form of art that sustains a vision, a personal interpretation of reality. In this it is comparable to the creation of a fabric that is the protagonist of this project.
The project had several objectives: to put students in direct contact with the “fabric” of their creations so to develop the ability to discern and recognize a quality fabric, (most important aspect of an Alta Moda garment); to develop a conceptual research where photography is art and interpretation of the image; to elaborate a series of jacquard ideas and finally to propose a capsule collection made from the fabric. For this project students worked in teams of 4/5, each bringing their individual ability, to professionally interact with their colleagues, essential for the success of the work.

Students had the opportunity to completely immerse themselves in the processes of jacquard construction. As well as investigating and creating in-depth research that examined contemporaneity through the many means that best represent it. The active participation of the company involved was the key to develop a unique vision of identity consciously and coherently, starting from the fabric. Following the launch, students developed a Group project, (4 groups), complete of the reinterpretation of the Jacquard and the development of an Alta Moda day capsule collection consistent with research.

To each group, it was requested a Team Workbook, complete of iconographic research, summarizing and presenting the concept of the project; initial sketches and material elaborations, moodboard, selection of materials and colour stories, with at least 4 jacquard proposals with related colour variants; a capsule collection of 10 daywear outfits and related illustrations; technical drawings with specific indications. Each student had to produce individual designing garments interpreting the fabrics, 4 Alta Moda fabric concepts, plus a proposed combination of jacquards, a digital presentation illustrating the process of the project, including fabric, illustrations and toile.

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