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Project Leader: Antonio Bandini
Master in Alta Moda, Fashion Design a.y 2020/2021

Industry Project in collaboration with TESSITURA STAMPERIA LUIGI VERGA

Luigi Verga Silk Weavers has embraced the Como silk tradition in the textile sector for tens of years embodying craftmanship-like attention to technique, trends and creativity. Clients from all over the world appreciate our work and our textiles. Together with our stylists we help bring ideas to life giving our textiles a vast range of new forms. For three generations we weave, run and export trackable textiles “Made in Italy” with great pride and passion. Luigi Verga Silk Weavers was founded in 1940 by Mr. Luigi Verga as a weavers’ studio, today it is managed by his daughters Adriana and Mariella Verga that have carried forward the tradition of Como’s fine silk textiles with pride making “Made in Italy” famous throughout the world. Today the company boasts a team of around 80 people that together produce 40% of the company’s turnover from the national market while the remaining 60% from the market both in Europe and internationally. Luigi Verga Silk Work’s philosophy is to be considered a partner to its clients and not a supplier.”

Industry Brief

Students had the opportunity to get to know jacquard processes, production, and archives. The areas of investigation intended to solicit in-depth research that examines contemporaneity through the expressions that best represent and narrate it. This project had multiple objectives: to put students in direct contact with the raw material of their work so to develop the ability to discern and recognize the quality fabric, (first identity of an Alta Moda garment), to develop a conceptual research that examines contemporary art, crypto art, design and photography, a large area of investigation to be integrated with an innovative vision, to elaborate a series of jacquard proposals, outlining a first capsule collection

In this project, the active participation of the Company involved, was the key to consciously and coherently develop one’s own vision of identity starting from the fabric. Following the launch, students developed a Group project, (4 groups), complete of the reinterpretation of the Jacquard and the development of an Alta Moda day capsule collection consistent with the research.

Special thanks to the Tessitura Stamperia Luigi Verga team who gave our students the opportunity to develop such a peculiar project.

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