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Academic Master

Fashion Jewellery

  • Intake


  • Duration

    1 year

  • Credits

    60 ECTS

  • Language

    Italian | English

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The Academic Master in Fashion Jewellery is aimed at graduates, professionals who intend to complete or deepen their cultural or professional experience in the Jewellery Design sector, from design to implementation. The course provides students with the conceptual knowledge and tools necessary to understand new languages and analyze new trends in order to position them correctly in the market. The course provides the elements necessary to design the body ornament in all its forms: High Jewellery, Bijou Fashion, Body ornament and Watchmaking.

The learning outcomes are aimed at providing deep knowledge of the design process and techniques through the combination of the traditional artisanal methodology to digital technologies (laser cutting, prototyping. 3D prints..).

Upon completion of the Academic Master in Fashion Jewellery, students will be able to pursue a professional career in creative, product or style offices and cover the various professional roles in the world of jewellery and the fashion system from research to design within a company or planning a consulting or production activity.

  • Jewellery Designer
  • Company Creative Consultant
  • Research and Development Manager

The Academic Master in Fashion Jewellery is addressed to graduates holding a Bachelor Degree or other equivalent study title recognized according to the current regulations related to the course and who would like to begin a study path and a career in Jewellery Design.

To be eligible for the course, students must have:

  • Bachelor Degree or Bachelor of Arts related to the course of study of the Master
  • Bachelor Degree or Bachelor of Arts different from  the above mentioned and not related to the study path of the Master, upon evaluation of the Academic Directorship on the eligibility of the application
  • Professionals with proven experience in the field and students holding a specialization or non-academic study titles related to the study path, upon evaluation of the Academic Directorship on the eligibility of the application

In order to maintain the high quality of the study experience, the Academic Master in Fashion Jewellery responds to a limited enrolment policy. To be admitted in the course, applicants are required to submit their resume, motivational letter and portfolio for evaluation and to pass an admission interview with the Academic Directorship.

The course consists of various elements: History of Fashion with particular reference to Jewellery Design, the analysis and study of gems, metals of noble and non-noble materials, modeling and graphic representation, both manual and digital, up to understanding of the marketing mechanisms that characterize brands and their DNA. The visual communication of a jewellery product, the illustration and technical drawing, the graphic rendering and digital design, the study of gemology and materials, the prototyping of jewellery products, the search for alternative materials, are all elements that contribute to build the foundations on which the course is focused and which consists of projects that implement research, design and processes.

Every Academic Master Programme involves Industry Projects in order to make the study experience concrete. To learn more about the projects made in the Academic Master in Fashion Jewellery fill the form to request more information.

The research internship is carried out by the students as a part of the curriculum and carries academic credits and can be undertaken with companies located throughout the national territory.

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