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Specialization Course

Jewellery & Bijou Design

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  • Duration

    3 months

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    Saturday 9:00 am - 6:00 pm

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The Specialization Course in Jewellery & Bijou Design aims at shaping the student’s ability to achieve a graphic representation of Bijou and Jewellery capsule collections through design process. Italian Jewellery and experimentation are mixed with the use of innovative techniques and materials.

The objectives are aimed at providing students with versatility and ability of designing objects in accordance with the brief and guidelines provided by the teacher while maintaining a personal creative identity.

Specialization Courses of Accademia Costume & Moda are designed to provide a fast and focused education in specific areas of Fashion. The attendance on Saturdays with 8 hours of classes allows also working students to concentrate in the study path by alternating theory and practice in a cohesive and focused approach.

The Specialization Course in Jewellery & Bijou Design is addressed to graduates, graduands and professionals who wish to complete their preparation and broaden their knowledge on jewellery and bijou design.

In order to maintain the high quality of the learning experience, the Specialization Course in Jewellery &Bijou Design observes a limited-enrolment policy. To be admitted in the course, applicants are required to submit their resume, cover letter and participate in a motivational interview.


  • Free-hand drawing of the bijou in its various types: pendants, rings, necklaces, earrings and brooches
  • Study of materials: analysis of technical and functional characteristics. Students will also look at illustrated examples on how to use these materials in the field of bijou fashion and in classical and contemporary goldsmith’s art
  • Colouring: Rendering a variety of basic typologies of colour
  • Design Studies: Personalizing a bijou collection
  • Merchandising mix/ selecting what type of Bijou to produce. Students must consider feasibility analysis, suitability to wear, impact on the market, identification of target and clientele


  • Methodology of rapid hand-prototyping for direction of the project and its creativity
  • Wax prototyping (i.e.: sheets of smooth wax, outlines, sculpture and inject wax) for the realization of objects using fusible metals and investment casting
  • Manipulation of plexiglass, acrylic glass, and polyurethane and acquisition of basic lab techniques (cutting, piercing, filing, finishing and polishing) to be used on alternative metals and materials
  • Production of casts and plates for the manufacture of decorative elements by using resin and/or silicone rubber
  • Finishing techniques and assemblage of different materials


  • Computer design
  • Gemmology
  • Jewel History
  • Marketing and job counselling

At the end of the Specialization Course in Jewellery & Bijou Design students will be able to work on a design project for Jewellery and Bijoux collections.

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