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Master’s degree in Costume debutes at Palermo

The costumes designed by the students of the Master’s “Art and Crafts for Costume Design for Opera and Ballet” for the Ballet “Sleeping Beauty”, choreographed by Maestro Matteo Levaggi, will debut on stage on Deecmber 2017 at Teatro Massimo in Palermo.

The students’ work for this new interpretation of the Ballet, was coordinated by Andrea Viotti, director of the Academy’s Costume Department, in synergy with Matteo Levaggi. During the design process, the students met with several industry professionals working with some of the most important national and international theaters. In order to realize the costumes, the students will join the Sartoria D’Inzillo, which from the 70s collaborates with the greatest Italian and international costume designers.

Master students: Cristina Capuani, Flavia Gallinari Zanin, Annabelle Gotha, Sara Micarelli, Gabriele Porrelli, Yiyao Tian, ​​Tatjana Zdiara, Lan Zhang, Hong Zhang, Qi Zhang.

The partners of the Master: Carlo Pompei, Art Costumes, Horned Firms, Pieroni – Film Caps and Armor, Rocchetti Wigs, Annamode Costumes, Farani, Tirelli Trappetti Foundation, Jewel House.

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