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Phd Ad Honorem in Fashion Sustainability to Federico Brugnoli

“We are condemned to be innovative if we want to make or, more ambitiously, lead the change”

On February 12th 2022, Federico Brugnoli, one of the major innovators in the global fashion and luxury industry for sustainability in the value chain, has been awarded with a Phd Ad Honorem in Fashion Sustainability by the University of Northampton.

Federico Brugnoli, Director of the Master in Fashion Sustainability & Industry Evolution, is the founder and sole director of Spin360. He has always worked as entrepreneur in the field of advanced services for sustainability and innovation.

Through years, while the conversation on sustainability continues to grow more and more, his concrete commitment has been directed to help companies to reduce the social and environmental impact, analyzing data, efficiency and innovation.

The Masters included in the Academic offer of Accademia Costume & Moda have always been entrusted to the best professionals of the fashion sector. With this regard, the introduction of the Master in Fashion Sustainability & Industry Evolution and the presence of Federico Brugnoli represent a natural choice by Accademia in the construction of a unique study path in which product culture, an essential concept in sustainability, is at the center to facilitate an approach in the system in its entirety as the solutions to complex difficulties require competences that go from environmental factors to socio-economic ones.

There are five scholarships available for this Master. Two offered by Accademia Costume & Moda and other three by the partners of the course which include Salvatore Ferragamo.


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