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Fabrics Day IV – Italian excellences in Accademia

The Fabrics Day is a unique event in the Italian fashion schools’ landscape, which enables students to get in touch with some of the world’s most important textile and tanneries. The direct link between the Accademia and the Industry, guarantees important and constantly improving achievements both for the educational programs and for the creativity of the students.

The engagement and support of the productive chain to the Academia, is proven by the help given to the students by the companies, who help them in the realization of their final project, as already happened for Talents 2017 collections.

This amazing connection is possible thanks to Marco Mastroianni, alumnus of the Accademia and now responsible for Fabrics Research for Louis Vuitton, Marc Jacobs and Fendi.

The companies of the IV Edition of Fabrics Day: Alesilk, Antico Opificio di San Leucio, Apparecchiatura di Cernobbio, Conceria Gaiera, Dondi Jersey, Dyloan, Forza Giovane, Gentili Mosconi, Isa Seta, Jackitex, Lanificio di Sordevolo, Ostinelli, Piacenza Cachemire, Ratti, Lanificio Riccieri, Russo di Casandrino, Vasino.

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