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Scholarship Rosana Pistolese

Fashion and Costume can be considered two expressions of the same art. We like to think of them as also part of Human’s Culture and Nature. This is probably why society has always communicated its style through this Art as its meaningful and symbolic character. Custom and costume become the combination of the everchanging world of Fashion and the endless evolution of human life, marking the level of sensitivity of each era and culture. This represents the tastes and so the habits, the possibilities, the needs. It is linked to technology, production process, and to a wide range of interests: the shape that shows the essence of not only its aesthetical aspect but also of the regulatory, legal and language system and of the rules and values. Fashion is intended as dialectic, a proposal of reformation of Costume. This dialectic has given life to Accademia di Costume e di Moda“.

Rosana Pistolese

The spirit that drives Accademia today is the same of its Founder, whose vision has preconized an entire artistic, cultural and industrial system. The aim of Accademia is to promote culture, of merit and talent, upon which the Prize for Excellence Rosana Pistolese has been created.

The Prize is awarded only and exclusively where merit and academic excellence are evident and agreed by the faculty board without regular basis.

The Prize, addressed to the students currently enrolled, consists in a full coverage scholarship calculated on the Tuition Fee (Enrolment Fee excluded) valid for one academic year of the Bachelor of Arts Programmes (Undegraduate Three-Years Courses) of Accademia.

The scholarship is assigned upon approval of the Academic Council and can be awarded to students who:

• have attended the first and/or second year of the course;

• have completed all the exams of the first and/or second year within the September exam session with an average score not inferior to 29/30;

• have showed a particular vocation and passion in pursuing their goals.