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Ricami Laura Industry Project

The term embroidery, not surprisingly, is often synonymous of artistic hyperbole in various disciplines of the arts, from the dictionary Treccani: Opera d’arte, spec. of sculpture or architecture, but also musical or literary composition, theatrical, cinematographic or television production, characterized by an exceptional refinement and elegance of lines and shapes, styles and stylistic characteristics.

In design practice and even more in the design of haute couture, embroidery has always represented the exclusive possibility of embellishment, the field of research, material and technique par excellence, to immediately translate the message of the designer or of the maison. Ricami Laura has a long history in this field, from the audacious experimentations of Gianfranco Ferré to the current prestigious collaborations with the most important Maisons and Brands on the international scene: from Givenchy, to Balmain, to Dior to Missoni just to name a few. The challenge of this project is to compare ancient and modern techniques to define a style.

This project aims to explore an approach to the design that integrates, as in the sign of the Designer, the embroidery and embellishment in the garment as an unicum and not as mere decoration. Students will have the opportunity to visit the company, observe the different machines with which garments and decorations are elaborated and the archive of projects realized for Ferré.

The concept of the project does not consist in a nostalgic reinterpretation as in the comprehension of an aesthetics and an approach of continuous research of materials and embellishments to be interpreted in the contemporary and in the future.



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