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Luigi Verga Industry Project

Fashion is both being and not being, it is always on the watershed between past and future and gives us, until it is flourishing, a sense of the present so strong to overcome in this sense every other present. (George Simmel)

The Fashion, and even more the High Fashion has the power to communicate a precise moment, a sophisticated and perceptible innovation to the connoisseur who starts from the raw material, thread and fabric. The first project of the year is held in collaboration with one of the most interesting companies in the fashion and high fashion industry of  the Made in Italy, a printing company known all over the world for the quality of its fabrics and its productions:

“The Tessitura Stamperia Luigi Verga is a place where the Como silk tradition meets the decades of experience in the textile industry, craftsmanship, attention to trends, creativity and technique. Customers all over the world appreciate our work and our fabrics. Designers, together with us, turn their ideas into reality and they are able to give to fabrics new life and new form. For three generations, with pride and passion, we weave, print and export traceable fabrics Made in Italy. “Tessitura Stamperia Luigi Verga” was founded in 1940 by Mr. Luigi Verga as a weaving company, today it is run by his daughters Adriana and Mariella Verga who proudly carry forward the tradition of the Como textile supply chain, which has made the “ Made in Italy” famous throughout the world.

This project has multiple objectives: to put students in direct contact with the raw material of their own work in order for them to develop the ability to discern and recognize quality   fabric, (first identity of a high fashion garment), to develop a conceptual research that considers the trend as a large area of investigation that relates to society and lifestyle, to elaborate several jacquard proposals, outline a first high fashion capsule collection. The project involves the participation of the students in team of 4 each and the ability to relate professionally with their colleagues which it will be decisive for the success of the work as a whole.

On the occasion of the launch of the project at the company, students will have the opportunity to get to know the jacquard processing and production closely. On the same occasion it will be possible to see 3 macro trends developed by Li Edelkoort among which it will be possible to choose from and which it will be the starting point for the development of research and experimentation. The project focuses on four fundamental aspects: the definition of a research interpretation of a macro-trend, the development of variants in the jacquard, the definition of a day wear High Fashion Capsule Collection

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