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In Accademia Talks | Paolo Stella

What was the professional career path that made Paolo Stella’s success? A journey that speaks not only about fashion, but also of culture and design, up to the creation of numerous initiatives such as Suonare Stella. This and the important changes taking place in fashion publishing and digital communication were discussed during the conversation between Paolo Ferrarini, member of the Scientific Committee of communication department of Accademia, and Paolo Stella, Creative Director, Influencer and writer.

Paolo started his career thanks to his talent mixed with his passion for storytelling that brought him a great following on social media. His career developed into publishing, becoming a contributor for Elle and one of the founders of Lampoon magazine. After his publishing experience, Paolo founded his creative agency: Asap Studio which realizes web campaigns for the most important fashion brands such as Chanel, Maserati, Bulgaari, YSL,Tom Ford, Estee Lauder, H&M.

In 2018 Paolo published his first novel, “Meet me alla Boa”, which instantly became a huge success and in 2020 he published his second one “Per caso” which confirmed his incredible talent as a writer. Paolo’s novels quickly became two best sellers. Last but not least, Paolo created a new concept which is growing day by day as nobody would expect: @suonarestella, a dynamic and direct window focused on interior creative and innovative design elements that reach every single user through the creative’s life of Paolo Stella.

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