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Graduation Days A.Y. 2021/2022

On February was held the A.Y. 2021/2022 Degree Winter Session of the Bachelors of Arts in Costume & Fashion and Fashion Editor, Styling and Communication, which marked the end of the educational path of 22 students.

The dissertation is a moment of extreme importance for the Academia as it represents the crowning achievement of all the skills, stylistic, managerial and cultural of the students learned during the educational experience.


Creations of its own clothing line, analysis of the stylistic choices of some of the most important Maison in the world, study of materials and eco-sustainable solutions of extreme innovation were just some of the themes treated by our children, in which research, practical applications, moodboards and the shooting admirably impressed the session commission.

Still a big wish to all our students: Alessandra, Claudia Rita Maria, Lorenzo, Elisa, Elena Mary, Alessio, Federica, Aurora, Marialaura, Giulia, Sara, Marika, Gaia, Yonglin, Marianna, Erica, Maja, Alice, Clementina, Alessia, Lorenza, Valeria

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