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Alessia Carraturo | Pamela Lisi | Elena Pellegrini | Catalin Bogdan Pulbere | Manuela Randis | Marialidia Storace

Accademia Costume & Moda brings the creations signed by six young costume designers for “The Lady of the Camellias” to the stage of the Quirino Theater. On stage from 27 February to 11 March 2018 with the direction and stage adaptation of Matteo Tarasco, the text, interpreted by Marianella Bargilli, Ruben Rigillo, Silvia Siravo and with Carlo Greco, re-reads the Dumas Fil classic to return a vividly controversial image of the world.

For the realization of the costumes, Alessia Carraturo, Pamela Lisi, Elena Pellegrini, Catalin Bogdan Pulbere, Manuela Randis and Marialidia Storace, coordinated by Maestro Andrea Viotti, worked closely with the director and the professionals of the Farani tailor’s shop, where each garment it was packaged.

Developed in synergy with the Quirino Theater, the Final Work of the students of the 1st level Academic Diploma course in Costume & Fashion, underlines the link of continuity between Didactics and Work and is part, in a wider context, in a Project-Costume, unique in Italy of which the Academy is promoting. Through this Project, the Academy allows young costume designers to have a real experience within a production.

As already happened with the students of the 1st level AY 2016/2017 Master for “Sleeping Beauty” last December at the Teatro Massimo in Palermo, so also the students of the Triennium had the opportunity to interface with different professionals: stripping, research and analysis, sketch and fabrics, budget, reports, cutting, construction, manufacturing, packaging. The Project was born with a twofold objective: to professionalize the students’ training path and to tell, discover and make discover to preserve and enhance the craftsmanship of the world of costume, tailors and workshops, which make Rome an international excellence for all productions related to entertainment.

A careful historical research, in harmony with the stage adaptation, has allowed the six neo-costume designers to deepen their knowledge of the fabrics and materials typical of French fashion of 1847. This has been joined by a touch of free interpretation, which brings on stage a contemporary can-can, a real divertissement both for the costume design and for the public.

Music: Mario Incudine | Lights: Luigi Ascione | A production GITIESSE ARTISTI RIUNITI


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