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Congratulations to our MA Accessories Design Alumna Rei Sato and to her Design Partner Jumi Tanabe, for the success achieved during the  ITS Contest 2020

With their “Inside Out” accessories project, Rei and Jumi have won the ITS ARTWORK by Swatch Art Peace Hotel Award, which will offer them, for a period of 4 to 8 weeks, an immersive experience in Shanghai at the Swatch Art Peace Hotel artist residence, created by Swatch in 2011, in one of the eighteen workshops with private living space.

Other artists from all over the world will be in residence at the same time, making this experience even more educational, interesting and fun.

Rei and Jumi imagined a mix of memories from different journeys, translated into sounds and compressed into a record. Discs produce sound by carving grooves. Not only the sounds that are heard while traveling: even the memories imprinted in our mind are translated into the melodies.

Some memories are inevitably lost, they become abstract, and keeping that idea of ​​abstraction Rei and Jumi decided to visually represent it with the aesthetics of marble, using marbled motifs.

International Talents Support was launched in 2002 and throughout its 19-year history it has developed into the most highly recognized platform to showcase & support the strongest young talents on the planet. Most importantly, it created an ever-growing family supporting creativity, like branches on a tree growing in different directions, yet nurtured by the same roots. It has built an impressive Creative Archive, a unique collection tracing the history of fashion evolution. Many of the over 630 finalists were selected by top fashion brands where they now hold key positions, or have successfully developed their own lines.

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