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Brunello Cucinelli Industry Project

Last week marked a pivotal moment for our Master in Creative Knitwear Design students as they embarked on a journey to the village of Solomeo, of Umbria, to venture into the realm of Brunello Cucinelli‘s headquarters.

Our students had the pleasure of meeting Carolina Cucinelli, Co-President and Co-Creative Director of Brunello Cucinelli, alongside Marco Proietti. Together, they engaged in a mission of creative exploration and innovation, as they delved into the briefing of a new Industry Project. The task of this project is to redefine luxury knitwear while staying true to the timeless values of beauty, humanity, and truth that epitomize the essence of the Brand.

The experience continued as our students ventured into the heart of the factory, where they witnessed the meticulous craftsmanship that lies at the core of Cucinelli’s ethos. From the gentle spinning of the finest cashmere to the intricate weaving and knitting of fabrics, each stage of production unfolded before their eyes, revealing the dedication and precision that characterize the Brand’s unwavering commitment to excellence.

A particular highlight of the visit was the explanation of the seven stages of quality control, where every detail is scrutinized with meticulous attention. Through this immersive experience, our students gained a profound appreciation for the artistry and dedication that define Cucinelli’s work.

We extend our deepest gratitude to the entire Brunello Cucinelli Team for providing our students with this enriching and invaluable experience. It is a journey that will undoubtedly inspire and shape their creative endeavors.

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