Governance - ACM

For its internal organization Accademia has based itself on Law 508/99 and following modifications, while maintaining its institutional independence. Accademia has organized itself on the principle of cooperation between its educational, research and artistic production missions and its administrative ones, sharing competences and responsibilities between its Governing Bodies and Advisory Bodies.

The Governing Bodies define the objectives and educational programs, each for its own competences, verifying results and compliance to the stated guidelines. They are in charge of the observance of the Statute, of the Rules and of the Laws in force, each for its own competences. The Governing Bodies of Accademia are:

(i) Chairman

(ii) Deputy Chairman

(iii) Board of Directors

(iv) Chief Executive Officer

(v) Director of Education

(vi) Academic Committee

The Advisory Bodies are part of the general evaluation process, giving their overall contribution to the achievement of the school’s quality objectives. The Advisory Bodies of Accademia are:

(i) the Evaluation Committee;

(ii) the Faculty Assembly;

(iii) the Student Council.