Tapu is Back! The magazine has been created by the students of Vocational Course in Fashion Communication and analyses the various contemporary fields linked to Fashion and to the main codes from which the industry is inspired. 150 pages in total.



All of the editorials (beauty, art, lifestyle, trends, food, fashion, travel), have been curated by the students with the help of their course lecturers, including Romina Toscano, Coordinator of the Vocational Course in Fashion Communication, and Marco Grisolia, Letturer of Intro at the Fashion Editor and Editorial Editorial.



Angelica Ballarini, Vice Director;

Valentina Bonisolo, Fashion Editor;

Martina Bruscella, Fashion Editor

Giuseppe Castrenze, Creative Director;

Ilaria Felice, Editor in Chief;

Giulia Frullo, Art Director and Graphic Designer;

Valentina Izzi, Fashion Editor;

Rafaela Klimmeman, Beauty Editor;

Beatrice Manca, Editor in Large;

Samira Solimeno, Beauty Editor;

Federico Sospetti, Food Editor.