Fabrics Archive

The Fabric Archive of Accademia Costume e Moda is a “fabrics library“. It was created with the objective to enable the students to acnkoweldge the importance and relevance of “materials“. This knowledge allows competitive advantage and enhance the skill set that we are transferring to our students, in order to facilitate more and more careers placement. It gives the students the opportunity to research, sample and study and is  constantly updated thanks to the support of some the most important textile manufacturers, excellence of Made in Italy.

In the years the Accademia has benefited of the advice and support of a true professional, alumnus Marco MastroianniResponsable Création Matières chez Louis Vuitton and Marc Jacobs, who helped with his experience, his generosity and counseling school’s didactics in a very decisive manner, not only easing the relations with the Industry, but also in guiding our students.

Inspiration comes also from the knowledge of  “fabrics”,  of all different treatments that nobilitate textile manufacturing and development and render Italian industrial craftsmanship (textile, tanneries etc) a point of reference in the world. It is for these reasons that some of the most important companies of the Industry have believed in the Project Accademia and as “Patrons”, have borrowed their excellent craftsmanship knowledge to the Accademia and in some cases even developed and realized the creative ideas of the students with regards to fabrics, prints, embroidery and processing, providing all form of support and product, yarns, fur etc.

The Fabrics Archive has been developed thanks to the generosity of  Alesilk, Gentili Mosconi, Lanificio di Sordevolo,  Ostinelli Seta.