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For the Academic Year (2020/21), Accademia Costume & Moda has renewed its collaboration with Maison Valentino, involving the Master in Alta Moda, Fashion Design in a project entitled “ENVISIONING A CLEAR STYLE_NOTHING IN THE MIDDLE”, which as a challenge to the 18 students the elaboration of a Capsule Collection of at least 10 outfits, following the Brief conceived by the Creative Direction of Valentino.

Since its foundation, Maison Valentino has been synonymous with Haute Couture and is recognized for research, innovation and a particular sensitivity towards the zeitgeist, the ability to intercept and interpret society and its changes, which have made it a global icon. both in the past and in the present.

Maison Valentino and ACM represent an innovative approach designed to maintain the precious craftsmanship skills, as well as to pass on the know-how and Couture knowledge of the Maison Valentino. A special project, hosted within the ACM headquarters in Rome, which offers a unique training plan, which is divided into several workshops all designed to train professionals with skills on the entire process of designing and manufacturing a Couture garment.

The idea stems from the desire to preserve the enhancement of our product, made in Italy; training is the most powerful tool to involve the new generation with passion by creating a laboratory of ideas and developing skills, savoir-faire and expertise.

Transferring skills, know-how and experience, especially in the Couture area, is essential for the long-term sustainability of a company like Maison Valentino, which always respects tradition and culture with an open look towards innovation and the future. Italian high fashion is the bearer of a way of life and a unique language that are the result of our identity and help to strengthen it. A treasure to protect and continue to promote.

The goal of this project is to create a balance between personal research and the identity of the Maison, working with a provocative and at the same time professional approach. Knowledge of the history of fashion, art and design, design and tailoring skills, analysis of Valentino’s DNA and vision are all essential elements for addressing and studying design issues.

The purpose of the course is to lead the student to develop advanced research methodologies to define the project by interpreting the specific DNA of a brand with a personal approach according to a professional standard.

A unique opportunity for the students of the ACM Master in Alta Moda, Design, to deal with a Maison that combines heritage and future, authenticity and vision.


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