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Another project comes to an end for the Master in Fashion Communication & Art Direction, this time with the Armani Silos in Milan.

The goal of this challenge was to research, analyze and design for one of the most important players, creators of Made in Italy and Italian fashion in the world: Armani.

“Talking about Giorgio Armani means telling a story that began more than 40 years ago. Symbol of elegance but also of practicality and modernity, with perennial attention to the quality of every detail, Giorgio Armani embodies the essence of Made in Italy, capable of combining a timeless style with a forward-looking look at the future. Solidly rooted in the Italian reality, the company has grown all over the world by expanding its offer, from clothes and accessories to cosmetics and perfumes, but also eyewear, watches, jewelry, furniture and furnishing accessories. “

The main purpose of the project is the discovery of the universe of curating in its most cultured and artistic meaning to interpret fashion and its communication as a cultural tool and not just for marketing. For those who want to work in this sector, it is essential to understand that communication passes through a curatorial sensitivity and the definition of their creative universe, the balance between their own design personality and the identity of the universe that is told is crucial. Identifying a key to the reading, a message to be conveyed while respecting the object of the narrative, understanding what are the concrete steps in the implementation of the project, creating a vision, are the objectives of the project.

The meaning of the project lies in the opportunity to integrate personal visions and interpretations into the DNA of such an identity brand that can be expressed through curatorship and the creation of a dedicated performance.

To work in this direction, the students will be followed by Pablo Arroyo, photographer, art director and curator with a long and multifaceted experience in the sector.

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The students then presented Anoushka Borghesi (Global Head of Media & PR Giorgio Armani), Alan Prada (Deputy creative director image online and offline Giorgio Armani) and the Armani Silos Team, an accurate research of style in Giorgio’s history. Armani and research into the merits of the space dedicated and intended for an exhibition, Armani Silos, where the project will be launched.

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