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Fashion Design

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The Vocational Course in Fashion Design has the aim of providing students with the knowledge and design techniques that characterize the education of the Fashion Designer, a professional with strong creative abilities and competences applied to Fashion Industry. The course is addressed to those who wish to approach fashion studies and the world of Fashion Design for the first time. Students will be able to test and improve their creative skills and to work on a design project for a capsule collection developing drawing and design skills through the simulation of the creative process of a creative office.

The objective of the course is to prepare for the profession of Fashion Designer through the design and development of a capsule collection of prêt-à-porter following a simulated or real company brief creating some prototypes of the collection.

Upon the completion of the Vocational Course in Fashion Design, based on their entry level, students can begin a professional career in creative, trend and research offices, product offices and style offices and cover different professional roles in the Fashion System: Fashion DesignerProduct Manager, or work as Professional Designers able to create their own collection.

  • Fashion Designer
  • Style Officer
  • Product Officer
  • Professional Designer

The Vocational Course in Fashion Design is addressed to graduates, graduands and professionals who wish to complete or deepen their cultural and professional preparation.

In order to maintain the high quality of the learning experience, the Vocational Course in Fashion Design observes a limited-enrolment policy. To be admitted in the course, applicants are required to submit their resume, motivational letter and to pass an admission interview.

The course involves 3 modules of theoretical-practical training that, through the acquisition of basic research techniques, drawing and tailoring concept, will allow students to develop their own concept for a collection and to express it through a graphic and digital portfolio.

Every single subject area investigates the many aspects of Fashion Design, each one of them essential to explain how this constant evolving market operates. The study path allows participants to analyse critically the needs of the customers, of the market, the fashion trends and the brand identity.

The design process and its method contribute in the development of the competences necessary for the creation of a contemporary fashion collection.

The project for a collection begins with the study, research and experimentation of trends, materials and shapes and is then expressed in illustrations and technical drawings through the graphic representation of the product and its final presentation.

1st Module: Theory and Technique

The first module is introductive and works as a key factor in the basic knowledge and research through cultural, graphic and practical subjects and the acquisition of competences on raw materials in addition to technological and experimental aspects.

2nd Module: Technical – Scientific area

The second module is an in-depth analysis to the graphic part of the course and introduces the context in which the Fashion Designer works: the market, industrial and artisanal districts, productive systems in fashion, the supply chain and fairs.

3rd Module: Technical – Operative area

The third module is operative and is built around a brief provided by a company. It provides students with techniques related to the interpretation of the codes of a maison with an in-depth study on the experimentation of new shapes, cuts and volumes, trends and technological research with specific focus on tradition and Italian craftmanship. Students will be involved in the design and development of a collection along with a personal portfolio both paper and digital.

The Final Work of the Vocational Course in Fashion Design consists in the design and development of a Prêt-à-Porter capsule collection following a company brief – simulated or real – with the aim of creating prototypes of a collection.

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