Adrien, already you have had a year of experience in the role Director of Education here at ‘Academy of Costume and Fashion in Rome. What are your feelings and your first review?

As I expected it has been an exciting year. People like myself who are involved in education and come from a life of creative work enjoy new challenges but most of all learning something new.

One of the many reasons of coming here was exactly that, for my education also.

Accademia Costume e Moda, has it’s unique direction in its approach to the fashion subject area.

At the base of our courses is a very solid foundation of Culture, in a very board sense, the study of costume history and design, theatre and cinema and Art. Discovering History or Costume and Costume design has been amazing without doubt.

Meeting new teachers and experiencing their approach and methodology is interesting especially in the accessories department.

New courses are starting; the academy is becoming more international but sustaining our heritage critical to our uniqueness.

It has enriched the educational offer of the Academy and a novelty is certainly the master of first level “Knitting, Creative Knitwear Design“. What were the reasons that prompted you to create a training course dedicated to knitwear.

Being from a Knitwear background, having once had my own Knitwear Label and producing all in Italy it has always been a dream to create a course that properly explores this amazing subject in an experimental and creative manner, with a hands on technical experience to make the graduate ready for employment.

What are the major differences between this master and others that already prestigious institutes in the world deliver?

Not many schools have specialist courses of this nature and this level.

With our renowned industry partners we have created a special opportunity for future students to discover Italian Knitwear, still a world leader in this sector, and build a career.

The combination of creativity and technical knowhow with real life experiences in the factories of those who crate the world most amazing yarns and make the garments makes this course stand out from the rest.

What, in your opinion, it should be the right approach for a candidate to register for this course?

Well to meet the entry requirements naturally, but above all mature enough mentally to appreciate this interesting sector in fashion and to make the most of this course.

Dedication and a huge amount of curiosity, self-motivation and ambition are essential.

What professionalism is acquired at the end of the path?

Both a solid technical ability able to experiment and create newness within the subject area and beyond. By “beyond” I mean Creative Knitwear can be a Fashion mass-market garment to Couture and the hand made, Interior design proposals, accessories and jewellery to Art and fashion knitwear Installations.

At Master’s level the students final project work can explore “beyond” as much as a high-street commercial brand.

I sincerely hope to see some ground-breaking work as well as the occasional student collaboration with our students on other Master’s courses such as MA Fashion Accessories or Alta Moda (Couture Fashion) – Contamination is exciting at this level.

How important cultural preparation in the profession of fashion designer?

This academia has created some of the most noted creative directors and costume designers, they will all tell you that the cultural preparation they received here is what has always set them apart from others.

Tips for young people wanting to enter the world of fashion

Be culturally curious.

Take chances – be brave.

Form informed opinions, and personal points of view, about all around you, most importantly your subject specialism.

Discover newness always, “redefine beauty” is what we do.

Reject the mundane and banal.

Be creative everyday, if you are inspiring to design sketch everyday, if you want to communicate write, create an image, and research everyday, Fashion is a vocation for life not a hobby.

Never dress “down” – dress to impress, have a personal image, be remembered – for all the right reasons.

Be ambitious with charm and politeness always