Scholarship Francesca Visconti di Modrone

The “Francesca Visconti di Modrone” Scholarship amounts to €9,500, is in support of the Accademia Costume & Moda’s Master’s degree in “Fashion Accessory design” and is valid for the 2016_2017 academic year.

Francesca Visconti di Modrone, a.k.a. Francesca Scarsini, was born in 1961 in Cairo, where she spent the first 9 years of her life. Since her early days she was attracted by the glittering stones she found in the shops of the old Khan Halili bazaar where she used to go with her mother and where she enjoyed putting her hands in the baskets containing the beautiful and coloured gems. Her passion brought a friend of her mother to give her the nickname of Mademoiselle Bijoux.

In 1970 she moved to New York with her family as her father was a journalist working for ANSA. She continued her studies at the Lycée Francais and when finished she took a course in gemmology, but it was only until much later that she started her jewelry and accessories business.

After her divorce with Barnabò Vsconti in 2002, Francesca married Diego Pignatelli in 2005, but shortly after she fell ill with cancer. She moved to Milan with her husband in 2007 but during her last years she had to fight her illness and died in July 2010.

Francesca personified for her children, her familty and husband, an example of positivism in life, in her business activity, in her conviction that it is possible to be successful even in light of great competition. The world of jewelry is dominated by great brands and also by many artisan-designers, but competition never frightened Francesca who believed “if there is a place in the market for so many producers, then there must be a place for me as well”.

Without a doubt her brand and her jewelry could have had more success on the market and students at the Accademia Costume & Moda must think hard not only about their creativity but also about the commercial development of their ideas and their products, something that unfortunately Francesca did not have enough time to do. Many of the Accademia graduates will have the time and they must have the confidence in themselves to succeed. Francesca used to often say “smile to the world and the world will smile back at you”.

The family commemorates her with this Scholarship hoping that it may help a student to develop his or her creative passion and to create a successful commercial and business activity for him or her, for the employees and for our country.