Scholarship Taroni

Taroni S.p.A. has decided to renew its support of Accademia Costume & Moda’s Master’s degree in “Alta Moda, Fashion Design” through the contribution of a scholarship valid for the 2016_2017 academic year.

Taroni, one of the oldest silk weaving mills in Como, is a company famous throughout the world as synonymous with luxury, elegance and quality of its fabrics. The company was founded in 1880 thanks to Amedeo Taroni, a talented weaver and artist, who left traces of his creativity in the books of a valuable archive, jealously preserved and still consulted by his heirs as a source of inspiration.

In 1999, the heir, Giampaolo Porlezza hands over the company to Michele Canepa, who takes control of the mill preserving the heralded Taroni tradition. Michele Canepa’s long experience stems from having started working in his father’s textile company, carrying on a family weaving tradition of over two centuries and where he had the privilege to learn the technical intricacies of textiles by great masters.

Together with his son Maximilian, the innovations introduced in recent years have always coexisted with tradition, quality and efficiency using today’s latest technologies. The strength of this company lies in not having suffered the temptations of switching over to artificial yarns but instead continuing producing fabrics based on natural fibers, always using the best yarn the industry has to offer. Alongside the handcrafted shuttle looms still in operation today, the latest generation looms allow the production of thousands of meters per year with an irresistible appeal of colors, available in hundreds of shades.