Scholarship Isabella Rossini

The Isabella Rossini Onlus Foundation donates a scholarship to support a diversely-abled student studying at Accademia Costume & Moda showing ambition, dedication and artistic sensibility, in the fields of fashion, art and costume. The total value of the grant is €10,500, which will be donated in two steps: initially €3,000 to complete the third year of the Academic Diploma in Costume & Fashion (a.y. 2016_2017), and secondly (a.y. 2017_2016), €7.500 to be a participant on the 1st Level Master’s Degree in Accessories Design.

In December 2015, the family and heirs of the late Isabella Rossini founded the Isabella Rossini Onlus Foundation not only to celebrate her memory but also to continue to bring to light the concept of elegance and timeless style. The concept must not be lost but passed on to everyone, with the final intent of supporting social and cultural initiatives in favour of the less advantaged.