Admission Undergraduate Costume & Fashion - 180 Credits ECTS

Admission Requirements

In order to be admitted to our Undergraduate courses, students need to possess a High School Diploma or legally recognized equivalent.
Admission to ACM is subject to the passing of entrance examination, which includes a motivational interview with the submission of a portfolio of work.
The Accademia wants to understand the motivation and level of determination of the candidate. Artistic and graphic competences are not a requirement. Our objective is to find students that understand the importance culture as a platform for continuous inspiration, contaminated with design, research and craftsmanship

For non Italian Students

The deadline to submit the documentation varies according to the annual guidelines provided by the Italian Ministry of Education and must be checked directly by the student with the local Italian Embassy/Consulate. Make sure that this deadline is not missed or the VISA study for enrolment to Italian Academies/Universities might be refused. It is essential to do your pre-enrolment according to the established deadlines fixed by the Italian Embassy/Consulate.

To be interviewed for admission (even on Skype), the candidate must:

  • Request the admission enrollment form to the Orientation & Marketing Office (info@;
  • Choose a date among the available on the form or the website admissions;
  • Send back the filled-in form together with the payment receipt of the amount of € 100,00;
  • Prepare an entry portfolio and a motivational letter according to the Accademia requirements.

As soon as the candidate is admitted, he/she can request to the Orientation & Marketing Office the Enrollment form showing the payment procedures. Together with the form, the student must send the following documents:

  • Copy of the High School Diploma or equivalent;
  • Dichiarazione di valore in loco (Declaration of Value of the High School Diploma. It’s the official translation made by the Italian Embassy/Consulate);
  • No. 2 passport-size photographs;
  • Copy of valid identity document (e.g. Passport);
  • VISA for non-European Union (non- EU) residents;
  • Copy of the social security number;
  • Payment receipt of the Laziodisu Regional Tax for A.Y 2019/2020.

Upon request, Accademia Costume & Moda will issue the necessary documentation to enable non-EU students to obtain a VISA


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