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On Sunday, July 12th from 12 to 6pm, the Accademia Costume & Moda opens its doors to the public, press and industry to present projects completed during the A.Y. 2014-15 by students of the different courses in occasion of the summer edition of Altaroma. The big news this year is the presentation of the new initiative Academy of Media, Film & Visual Arts, with a new 3-year course, in collaboration with ARS Academy Research. For the occasion, excerpts from the production copy of the new documentary film on the journalist and style icon, Anna Piaggi, by Alina Marazzi and produced for NDR/ARTE will be screened as a world premiere starting at 2:30pm. The documentary shows important testimonies by influential people of the fashion world such as Galatea Piaggi, Rosita Missoni, Manolo Blahnik, Stephen Jones, Jean Paul Gaultier, Franca Sozzani and Luca Stoppini. The screening of the documentary will be repeated every hour until the end of the event at 6 pm.

With regards to the area of Costume, coordinated by Andrea Viotti and Alessandra Intini, the Academy presents three projects, starting with students of the 1st year of the 1st Level Diploma in Costume and Fashion Design (180 ECTS credits) who made medieval costumes inspired by religious paintings reinterpreting the praise of Jacopone da Todi “Donna del Paradiso lo tuo figliolo è priso.” The works are hand-dyed and painted tunics in raw cotton guinea resembling real frescoes. The 2nd year students present costumes in linen and cotton in different shades of off-white, inspired by the condensed English version of the text “Wild Honey” by Michael Frayn. The students of the 3rd year have freely reinterpreted costumes within the Spanish paintings of the early 1600s by Diego Velázquez made in hand-dyed jute. The exhibition will include costumes created for the play DON JUAN CLUB, directed by Francesco Bonomo, staged at the Teatro Quirino on May 28th, 2015. The creations have been entirely designed and manufactured by our costume designer students Giulia Barcaroli, Veronica Giardina, Carolina Peter, Clara Virginia Povolo, and Marta Elena Anna Servidio Venditti. The world of Costume ends with the design of Julien Bertolin, an individual student of the Vocational Course “The Art and Craft of the Costume Designer” inspired by the historic ball (1830-32) for Princess Cristina Trivulzio di Belgiojoso. A linen costume reflecting the “butterfly woman” silhouette of the time, entirely made by hand with embroidered real hydrangeas applications on the white satin waist belt and lace cuffs creating a playful contrast between the different shades of white.

With regards to the area of Fashion, some of the outfits from the Talents 2015 who showcased their collections during the winter edition of Altaroma on January 31st, 2015, will be on display. Designers are: Lucrezia Abatzoglu, Federico Bucari, Domizia Deiana, Margherita Feliciangeli, Federica Foglia, Debora Fossaceca, Tommaso Fux, Nicolas Martin Garcia (First Prize Talents 2015) and Silvia Stefanucci (Special Mention Accessories). There will also be an exhibition of garments made for Valentino by students of the Vocational Course in Fashion Design (coordinated by Ivana Koceva and Massimiliano Pannitteri): Elizabeth Bellu, Marco Conti, Pina Gentleman, Gabriele Bristela and Irene Simonelli. Dresses are inspired by the iconic themes of the Maison Valentino (flowers, bows and drapery).

The exhibition also features two projects on draping, on the study of volumes and three-dimensional vision of the garments: starting from “moulage” to flat construction, by Massimiliano Pannitteri and Alessia Vitti.

With regards to the area of Accessories, coordinated by Luigi Mulas Debois, it will be possible to have a preview of the creations by students of the Vocational Course in Accessories Design in collaboration with FENDI. Designers are: Francesco Maria Longo, Nozomi Machitani, Barbara Pavone, Nadezda Shaulova, Maria Luisa Spina, Daniela Zelli, Sara Zitti, under the supervision of Raffaella Cocchi. For FENDI students have created a micro collection consisting of a bag, a pair of shoes and an accessory in respect of the imposed theme of geometry and graphic elements of the FENDI DNA. For Charline De Luca they designed a capsule collection for FW 2016/17 in relation to the iconic structures of the brand “The Cut Out Wedge” and/or “Blade Heel”. For Ballerette they analyzed and developed a mechanism to apply an interchangeable accessory on the shoe upper of the “ballerina”. For L.G.R they produced eyewear designs, while for De Couture they created 4 moodboards based on inspiration, trend/target, materials & craftsmanship and color charts. Students of the 2nd and 3rd academic year proposed an experimental laboratory of bags made of leather and paper (“Paper”) as well as with graphic PVC prints (“Print”).

Students of the Vocational Course in Fashion Communication, Martina D’Ammassa, Laura Bolasco, Anna Cipriani, Lisa Sorce, Leda Castelli, Valeria Liberti, Kerssty Torres, Nicodemo Callà, Daniele Gennaioli, Masha Ugarova, Sophie Vande Kerkhove, Giulia Mantovani and Giulia Doria in the role of fashion editors and under the art direction of Romina Toscano, Marco D’Amico and Marco Grisolia, created the photo editorial ” Eighties R/Evolution “. The editorial was inspired by cartoons and iconic characters of the eighties through a series of still life pictures of accessories created by some designers of the Accademia (Serena Iavarone, Giulia Schisano & Francesco Maria Longo, Flavia Cavasino & Monia Romano, Nozomi Machitani, Nadezda Shaulova, Federica Melpignano, Angelo De Luca).

Students of the intensive course in Visual Merchandising, coordinated by Elisa D’Amico, designed and curated the layout of the shop windows and the interior of the store Natural Shoes for the brand “The Art Company”.

Emanuele Custo, assisted by Marta Neri and Lucia Migliori, coordinated the workshops of the students of the 1st Level Academic Diploma in Costume and Fashion Design, who have developed a fashion collection using freehand and computer graphics, reproducing the costume of a movie in a digital format, and representing accessories through illustrations entirely edited in vectorial and raster formats.



Special thanks to: for the video making of the Accademia team. for the 3D picture of one of the Talents 2015 collection, printed with special materials and techniques.