Master’s – 60 ECTS

The Art and Craft of the Costume Designer for Opera and Ballet




1500 hours


Italian / English




The Master’s “The Art and Craft of Costume Designer for Opera and Ballet”, only degree in Italy recognized by MIUR, directed by Maestro Andrea Viotti, is in collaboration with costume shops, shoe factories, makeup and hairstyle laboratories, Roman millineries and jewel design houses, credited for their curriculum, competence, creativity and craftsmanship level, and of service to the most important international film, theatre and tv productions, representing the highest “made in Italy” heritage and experience.

The Master’s objective is to provide complete cultural and professional training, in the field of costume, research and design, through the realization of a final project. The course is theoretical-practical and offers important tools for designing, modeling, machining, experimenting and applying sartorial techniques to the realization of costumes, wigs, makeup and masks, hats and accessories. The “educational experience”, moreover, is characterised by a transfer of sociological knowledge (character characterization), economic-management (budget), organizational (relationships) and operational (bargaining and needs management / department).

The Master’s degree is internationally recognised by the Italian Ministry of Education, 60 credits (CFA / ECTS).

Professional Opportunities

The role of the costume designer is fundamental in the opera house: an artist who knows costume history and tradition, its roots, anthropological and psychological interpretations, emotional suggestions, that through his creations dictates the measure of time in which the story takes place, the psychology of the characters, faithfully reflecting what is expressed in music.

The Master’s aim is to educate, shape and train the future assistant costume designers and/or professional costumiers able to work at both national and international levels in Opera and Ballet. The students will be able to analyse and interpret the theme, perform in-depth historical research, design sketches, sample fabrics, design accessories, makeup and wigs needed for a production.

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To whom

This Master’s Degree is aimed at those who have successfully completed a recognised first degree (typically BA equivalent to Level 6 of EQF-European Qualifications Framework), in a subject area relevant to this course, and wish to study with the aim to seriously focus on a career in Alta Moda/Haute Couture:

  • Students who have successfully completed an undergraduate degree in a design discipline or a subject area linked to the Master’s Course: YES
  • Humanistic and Liberal Arts Degree students who have successfully completed an undergraduate course not linked to the specialist area of the Master’s: YES, but the Course Council will evaluate the single application to understand the suitability and level of preparation of the candidate
  • Industry professionals of the sector and students who have not completed a recognised undergraduate degree, but have completed private courses within the subject area of the Master’s course: YES, but will not receive a recognised Master’s Degree (they’ll receive a certificate of participation of Accademia Costume & Moda).

The course duration is one academic year (twelve months, curricular internship included) and attendance is mandatory. Moreover to be accepted at the final assessments students must have at least 80% proven attendance.


The Master’s has a limited number of places available in order to maintain the quality level of each student’s experience. Due to demand, candidates who would like to apply need to be admitted. The process includes an interview and Portfolio presentation.

At the conclusion of the Master’s Degree the graduates will receive a First Level Master’s Degree Diploma (60 credits ECTS), internationally recognized by the Italian Ministry of Education, University and Research (MIUR).

Open Days
  • Saturday March, 17th 2018
  • Saturday April, 14th 2018
  • Saturday May, 19th 2018
  • Wednesday June, 13th 2018
  • Wednesday July, 11th 2018
  • Saturday September, 15th 2018

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