Academic Master – 60 ECTS

Fabrics Innovation Design


February 2021


1500 Hour


Italian / English




The Academic Master in Fabrics Innovation Design is addressed to graduates willing to enrich their curriculum with a study path focused on culture, creativity research innovation and fabrics development, one of the most challenging and fast growing fields of the entire fashion industry. The creative exploration in textile requires a complex mix of knowledge and abilities accompanied by a deep cultural background, both in that specific field, in fashion and in art in general. The Master course centres the entire study path on the theme of innovation with particular attention to sustainability.


The course is structured in modules that include classes and workshops. The classes are focused on the history of fashion (especially of materials), new technologies, typology of materials, computer graphics and management abilities. The workshops, instead, involve the participation of the most important companies of the field. Every workshop has the aim of unifying technical competences, conceptual research, experimentation and development od the final product. Essential part of the course are the visits to museums of fashion/textiles and to national and international fairs. Visiting teachers and the study of specific Case Histories contribute to tickle the critical thought and the debate on the present state of the field and the challenges that characterize it.

At the end of this articulate study path the student, besides his creative growth, will acquire cultural knowledge and practical competences on the fibres (naturals, artificials and synthetic), yarns, textiles and their embellishments, embroideries, dyeing processes, silk-screen printing, digital printing, thermoforming, thermo-sealing, high-frequence fusion, ultrasuonds…

The final project consists in the presentation of a complete collection of fabrics made with different techniques characterized by conceptual and explorative research, primary and secondary visual research and by the description of all the process of making.

To Whom
The Master is addressed to those who have complete a Bachelor Degree, Bachelor of Artts (BA) or other equivalent study title issued in Italy or abroad accredited according to the present law, and in any case  related to the field of study of the Master, and willing to start a study and career path in Fashion Design.

In particular:

  • Bachelor Degree, Bachelor of Artts (BA) or other equivalent study title: YES
  • Bachelor Degree, Bachelor of Artts (BA) or other equivalent study title in a different field of study: YES, upon evaluation of the application made by the Academic Council

Professionals with proven experience in the field and/or students with specializations and/or not academic study titles related to the field of study: YES, upon evaluation of the application made by the Academic Council (they will receive a certificate of attendance).

Duratation and Attendance

The Master has the duration of one academic year (twelve months) and requires a compulsory attendance of at least the 80% of the classes in order to access the final exam. The study path is organized and divided into a series of specific thematic areas and implies three exam sessions. The total hour amount includes a mandatory curricular interniship in the companies of the field.


In order to maintain a high standard levels, the Master has a fixed number of enrolments. To apply it is necessary to submit a portfolio and to pass an admission interview.

For more information please contact the Counseling Office of Accademia by writing at

At the end of the Master, students with a Degree study title will receive an Academic Master (60 credits ECTS) issued by Accademia Costume & Moda and accredited by the Ministry of Education, of University and Research.

Open Days
  • Sabato 15 febbraio 2020
  • Sabato 07 marzo 2020 Annullato
  • Sabato 18 aprile 2020 - Online Day
  • Sabato 16 maggio 2020 - Online Day
  • Martedì 14 luglio 2020
  • Sabato 12 settembre 2020

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