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Fashion Marketing & Advertising

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The intensive Course in Fashion Marketing & Advertising aims at educating students to become professionals acquainted with theoretical and practical knowledge in the management of fashion firms, brands and products. In particular, this course will enable students to carry out tasks such as planning, commercialising and creating communication strategies for a variety of brands, from handcraft to small/medium businesses, from luxury to fast fashion.

Once the student acquires the theoretical and practical know-how of marketing, branding, advertising and communication, he/she will be able to add value to fashion products and brands. This will be done by using various marketing incentives, special communication tools and by keeping updated on strategies related to branding and business communication.

To whom

This course is addressed to graduates who aim at starting up their own business or work in marketing and communication departments for fashion lines or brands. It is also addressed to entrepreneurs and stylists who want to promote clothing or accessories lines, weather it is for themselves or for others, or undergraduates who wish to acquire knowledge within these specific fields.

Enrollment to this course is limited, and admission is determined after an interview.


90 hours of lessons and lab work

Saturdays 9.00–18.00

Educational Program

Lectures will focus on theoretical and practical approaches and enabling students to practice the acquisition of the different competences related to marketing, branding and advertising.

In particular, the student is provided with basic knowledge on language and techniques that distinguish international marketing, new advertising and current fashion communication tools. The objective is to provide competences related to strategic planning of marketing and integrated communication campaigns.

At the end of the educational program, those students who have attended at least 80% of lessons will receive a certificate of attendance. The students may also, on request, obtain a transcript listing modules attended and an evaluation of their project work.

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