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Visual Merchandising

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The Intensive course in Visual Merchandising aims at forming strategical and operational Visual Merchandisers able to work in creative teams, as commercial directors and Merchandising Managers for the display and communication of products in stores.

After having acquired the ability to determine the creative peculiarities, the brand identity, the moods and themes of the collections at the end of the course the participants will be able to work on the display of a collection in a showroom and to reproduce it with the appropriate changes in the stores by focusing on the key factors and by developing the product communication strategies.

Particular attention will be dedicated to the strategies of display for corners, exhibition centers and windows in single shops or chain shops.

To whom
The course is intended for students, graduates or professionals who want to specialize in a stimulating and creative sector in strong growth and to acquire a complete and highly specialized education.

A good dose of creativity is required.

The course has a limited number of enrollments and in order to be admitted, it is necessary to undergo an interview.

Educational Program
90 hours of lectures and laboratory activities

Attendance every Saturday from 9 am to 6 pm

At the end of the course participants who have attended at least the 80% of the classes will receive an attendance certificate and those who will ask for it will receive a certificate with all the exams and related notes.

The course is made of three lesson plans and at the end of each one of them, students will be tested to verify the progress made.

The duration of each lesson plan may vary according to teacher and students needs.

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