Fashion stylist: a key role essential the fashion world

The job of a fashion stylist deserves attention, since it is critical to the success of any fashion collection, fashion show, and fashion photographic path.

The fashion stylist is not just a person with an extreme creativity and great energy. The stylist is a professional who has a deep understanding and functioning of the fashion system in all its components – history, sociology and techniques – with an extraordinary ability to imagine and reinvent the visual pathways of the customer fashion house.

The Fashion Stylist is the one that defines the look of a fashion collection both for the fashion shows and for photo shoots, and fashion editors require his work too. Even a fashion photographer cannot function well without their essential input.

Practically, the fashion stylist is the real right hand of the fashion designer, the true creator of the style that emerges on the catwalk. The stylist being the one who assembles the different pieces of the collection created by fashion designer to draw a coherent path in a fashion show, and it is also the one who matches the clothes with the right accessories to make the collection on the catwalk not only unique, but a real creation of trends and a vision for future trends.

Generally, it is the fashion stylist that is creatively responsible and coordinates the scene planning, lighting, colour, makeup and hair, model attitude, as well as the clothes and accessories and how they are worn, creating a consistent and instantly recognizable narrative that can be used within a variety of context and fashion media.

Being a good fashion stylist is not easy, because in addition to passion and imagination, it needs solid grounding in culture.

Currently, within the fashion industry fashion styling it is as important as designing the clothes or accessories. The fashion stylist has the task of coordinating multiple media within this unique style of communication, highlighting the main aspects and the image reinforcing the fashion brand as well as all the essential design features that, ultimately, represent the required perception of the fashion brand and target market.

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